Più informazioni, meno emissioni

Aiutare i consumatori a prendere decisioni relative all'acquisto per auto più efficienti.


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A1 Baseline data on vehicle market and driving behaviour 

ICCT is leading the realization of a robust baseline to monitor and evaluate project outcomes to encourage consumers to purchase efficient vehicles and to drive efficiently. 

C1 Developing an EU-wide website for consumer information

Altroconsumo Edizioni is guiding the development of the front-end user interface of MILE21, including main tools targeted to consumers. These tools will be also integrated into consumers organizations websites.  

C2 Collecting and amending existing vehicle data

ICCT is directing the collection of both official laboratory type-approval data on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and official real driving emissions type-approval data on air pollutant emissions. 

C3 Normalizing and harmonizing vehicle emissions’ data

TNO is leading the development of a method to give a proper estimate of real-world fuel consumption and identify possible deviations between reported fuel consumption by manufacturers and individual users’ experience. 

C4 additional real-world testing and collecting large-scale data

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is realising additional measurements to provide consumers with a complete picture of environmental performance and real fuel consumption/CO2 emissions of new vehicle models. 

C5 Transferability and replicability

Altroconsumo Edizioni and ICCT are controlling transferability of MILE21 platform and applications, while Emisia and AUTH the replicability of testing results. 

D1 Monitoring the impact of the project actions

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is leading the project monitoring and impact analysis of project actions. In addition, the advisory board will support partners in the continuous project impact evaluation. 

E1 Communication and dissemination of results

Altroconsumo is guiding communication actions targeted to consumers, promoting MILE21 tools through consumers’ organizations websites, and supporting awareness actions about fuel consumption and pollutant emissions of cars. 

F1 Project management

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is ruling the day by day management procedure of all project activities including technical and information program and monitoring of financial resources.