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Press releases

Hi Tech

Euroconsumers announces inaugural BeXt Award Winners at its International Forum

12 nov 2019

Bridging the Gap between Consumers and Businesses in the Digital Age.
Euroconsumers’ new BeXt Awards were presented at its First International Forum, held today, 12 November, at the Claridge in Brussels.


Hi Tech

Together to improve the digital ecosystem

05 nov 2019

Google and Euroconsumers join forces to improve consumers’ digital empowerment, through joint research, events and campaigns.

Hi Tech

Euroconsumers announces Euroconsumers BeXt Awards

04 nov 2019

Euroconsumers announces Euroconsumers BeXt Awards to recognise the brands that have made significant contributions to improving the global marketplace over the year. 

The winners will be announced at Euroconsumers’ first International Forum  Bridging the Gap between Consumers and Businesses [in the Digital Age] 

Hi Tech

Bridging the Gap between Consumers and Businesses in the Digital Age

17 ott 2019

Euroconsumers’ First International Forum.

Pratiche commerciali scorrette Concorrenza Salute Prezzi e tariffe

Spinraza unfairly priced. Italian and belgian antitrust authotrities urged to investigate on drug

24 lug 2019

Altroconsumo and Test-Achats report yet another case of exorbitant pricing of innovative drugs.

The case of Spinraza, manufactured by the multinational corporation Biogen for the treatment of SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), a rare and otherwise incurable disease, has been reported to Competition Authorities in Italy and Belgium.

In just two years on the market, as shown by an investigation conducted by the two consumer organizations, for every dollar invested, four has already returned to Biogen. Even worse, its market exclusivity will last until 2029.

Pratiche commerciali scorrette Concorrenza Salute Prezzi e tariffe

Avastin-Lucentis: the Council of State confirms the sentences for Roche and Novartis

16 lug 2019

This puts an end to a sequence of events starting back in 2009, which has seen Altroconsumo at the forefront since the very beginning. The Council of State has today marked the point of no return: Roche and Novartis are guilty of unlawful collusion, to the detriment of patients and the national health system.

Now we hope that appeals from the regions will get underway.


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Altroconsumo participates for the first time in the Web Summit in Lisbon

05 nov 2018

Euroconsumers, an international group to which Altroconsumo belongs to, is present at the Web Summit with its own stand next to the MoneyConf stage, to show its services and the response of our consumer organisations to the challenges of the new digital markets.

Hi Tech

All the power to the consumers!

28 giu 2018

As leading Consumers Organizations, we are ready to become the fundamental enzyme of  the digital economy, working with main responsible market players open to the future to  foster a more balanced digital ecosystem, characterized not only by respect to consumers’ rights but also benefits sharing with consumers, citizens, People, without whose data no  single product or service can be developed nowadays.

Class action Pratiche commerciali scorrette Trasporti sicurezza stradale

Vw-Group - Dieselgate

26 gen 2018

Reported car owner experiences with their car software update.

Class action Trasporti sicurezza stradale Prezzi e tariffe

Stop misleading consumers VW! A new emission scandal has struck in Germany: assumption of a cartel

25 lug 2017

Formal participation to Altroconsumo class action go on at the Court of Venice: 650.000 subscribers expected, there is time until the 1st of October.