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Il mondo Altroconsumo:

Press releases

Hi Tech Telecomunicazioni

My data is mine!

16 mar 2017

The Manifesto. We claim the recognition of a new positive, proactive and central role for consumers in the market of data.

Class action Pratiche commerciali scorrette Hi Tech

Smartphone memory capacity: class action against Samsung admitted

02 feb 2017

With a historic decision, the Court of Milan says yes to the legal action promoted by Altroconsumo.

Hi Tech Sicurezza prodotti

Consumer organisations across the EU take action against flawed internet-connected toys

06 dic 2016

The following is the Beuc press release sent on 06.12.2016

Prezzi e tariffe Concorrenza Salute

Anticancer drugs prices up to 1500% increase. It Antitrust fines Aspen Pharma for 5mio euros

17 ott 2016

The procedure started in 2014, supported by Altroconsumo findings, gets to a final confirmation throughout the fine.

Concorrenza Hi Tech Trasporti sicurezza stradale Alimentazione

#ioCondivido: sharing festival a smash hit

27 set 2016

Visitors numbered over 100,000 at the festival for the Sharing Economy, an event held for the first time in Milan on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September, sponsored by the City of Milan. More than 100 speakers, over 25 partners and about 80 events.

Class action Prezzi e tariffe Trasporti sicurezza stradale

EU Justice & Consumers commissioner meets consumer groups on Volkswagen affair

08 set 2016

Class action Trasporti sicurezza stradale Prezzi e tariffe

Italian Competition Authority fines Volkswagen for unfair commercial practices

22 ago 2016

Following Altroconsumo test on VW cars - the class action against the German group is still ongoing - the Italian Competition Authority has decided to fine VW for its misleading behavior. 

Finanza Banche e credito

Bank crisis: rating suspended for Monte Paschi, Widiba and Deutsche Bank

08 lug 2016

Altroconsumo suspends its rating on banks solidity and reliability.

Class action Prezzi e tariffe Trasporti sicurezza stradale

Dieselgate: Volkswagen keeps on cheating both consumers and Authorities

07 lug 2016

Altroconsumo test: NOx emissions overtake the limits prescribed by law also after the recall. Sanctions and due compensations are necessary.

Alimentazione Salute

Palm oil campaign

06 lug 2016

Laboratory tests verify the presence of toxic components in children food.