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Class action

Smartphone memory capacity: Altroconsumo asks Apple and Samsung for refunds

08 mar 2016

Altroconsumo class action: smartphones technical features don’t match with producers’ declarations.

Altroconsumo tested in its laboratory Samsung and Apple smartphones and tablets discovering that their memory capacity is lower than the one declared by producers.

As a consequence, consumers buy products with memory capacities not corresponding to the real smartphones and tablets features.

Altroconsumo promotes therefore a class action against Samsung in order to obtain a refund for the corresponding amount that exceeds the real value of the devices.

Everybody can adhere the class action displaying the device boxes and the receipts.

On December 2014 AGCM sanctioned Samsung for an amount of 1 billion euros for cheating consumers by declaring memory capacities larger than the real ones.

Moreover, consumers buy tablets and smartphones with declared memory capacities of 16 GB and during the initial start-up they realized a memory reduction from 30% to 50 %.

Altroconsumo also tested Apple devices discovering that the company declared values exceeded until 40 times the real technical devices features.

Eventually, Altroconsumo denounces Apple and Samsung for unfair commercial practice since they cheated consumers by false declarations.