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Class action

European #demandjustice campaign on Volkswagen dieselgate

03 apr 2017

The aim: to demand justice on the VW emission fixing scandal.

Enough with blurred lines, time for justice. Today is launched Europewide #demandjustice, #dieselgate the new campaign by Test-Achat, Ocu, Decoproteste and Altroconsumo, the four independent consumer organizations representing altogether far more than 1M consumers in Europe. The aim: to demand justice on the Volkswagen emissions fixing scandal, which involved thousands of car owners in Europe.
This week the European Parliament can grab a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix vehicle testing and restore consumer trust in the automotive sector!

Tomorrow, on April 4th they will vote on important recommendations and legislation to make sure Dieselgate can never happen again. But if they want to restore consumer trust they cannot forget the real victims of Dieselgate: the consumers. Therefore: we call the E.P. to adapt their proposals and make sure consumers get compensation for the fraud of VW.

Volkswagen USA has already decided to compensate North American consumers with up to $ 10,000 per car owner. Not so for consumers in Europe who still await for justice, compensation and dignity of listening.

That’s why class actions driven by Test-Achat, Ocu, Decoproteste and Altroconsumo are on their way on #dieselgate. The campaign wants to reach the general public and to reaffirm all together #demandjustice, #dieselgate.

US EPA, Antitrust Authority as the Italian AGCM, the European Commission, independent consumer organizations in Europe have stepped on along with Test-Achat, Ocu, Decoproteste and Altroconsumo for justice on behalf of all consumers. Not a single euro of compensation by VW still went to any European car owner. Therefore we call our European representatives to make sure for once and for all that all affected VW car owners, as well as all other victims of car emission fraud, get compensated.

It is time justice on misleading practices by car companies be done: it is a right that concerns everyone. To defend it, the four independent consumer organizations call to join the initiative.

As owners of a car involved in the Volkswagen scandal, consumers can also join the class action to seek reimbursement.

It is time for consumers to raise their voice to defend everybody’s rights.