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Class action

German courts confirm Dieselgate ruling but millions of consumers are yet to be compensated

25 mag 2020
Euroconsumers reminds Volkswagen that Dieselgate is an international scandal. All victims deserve to be treated equally.

Today, Germany’s Federal Court has ruled in favour of an individual who sued the automaker for the full price of his car. While the German Court’s ruling is a positive development that will help Euroconsumers’ class actions in Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain.
Euroconsumers reminds Volkswagen that Dieselgate is an international scandal and that all victims, regardless of nationality, must be compensated.

The German Federal Court’s ruling: a positive step for consumers
The German Federal Court ruled in favour of Herbert Gilbert, who had purchased a Volkswagen Sharan for €31,500 in 2014. Volkswagen has been sentenced to pay over €25.000 in compensation, made up of a refund of the purchase price minus a fee for the usage of the car. This is a great victory, not only for Mr Gilbert, but for Dieselgate victims all over Europe who are still waiting to be compensated.

Euroconsumers’ class actions in Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain are unfolding successfully: all Dieselgate victims must be compensated
The Dieselgate is not merely a German problem. The scandal involved at least 11 million cars, 8 of which were sold in Europe. Yet the majority of European Dieselgate victims still have not received any compensation. This is the reason why Euroconsumers’ member organisations - Test Achats in Belgium, OCU in Spain, Altroconsumo in Italy and Deco Proteste in Portugal have launched a series of class actions against the Volkswagen group, all of which are unfolding successfully. Today’s decision reinforces our claim that all European Dieselgate victims should be treated equally and should receive fair compensation.

“It has been almost five years since the Dieselgate scandal broke and only now European consumers are beginning to receive compensation. Today’s ruling by the German Federal Court is a major victory for consumers, but the road ahead is long. Euroconsumers calls on Volkswagen to compensate Italian, Belgian, Spanish and Portuguese consumers, as well as other victims of the Dieselgate scandal immediately. Acknowledging and correcting its past mistakes would be a great way for Volkswagen to restore consumer trust and pave the way for a green COVID-19 recovery strategy.” said Marco Pierani, Director of Public Affairs at Euroconsumers.