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Class action

Dieselgate: Class action vs VW admitted by Italian Court today

25 mag 2017

Redressing expected throughout Europe.

David has defeated Goliath. Altroconsumo's class action against Volkswagen was granted today by the Court of Venice, Italy. The decision concerns all VW Group cars, also including Audi, Skoda and Seat.

The Dieselgate scandal involves almost 650,000 cars on the Italian market alone, and 8 million vehicles in Europe. By now, Altroconsumo has gathered about 30,000 preliminary plaintiffs in the Italian class action. The consumer organization invites consumers to join the collective redress action on  #demandjustice

The court order is crystal clear: "Volkswagen's advertising and marketing green claims, the judges wrote, appear to be in contrast with the company's behavior denounced by the consumer association, and involved the installation of an EGR device, capable of reducing car emissions during tests and thus of misleading consumers about the car features".

Says Ivo Tarantino, Altroconsumo Public Affairs manager: "David beats Goliath – no more fake emissions, consumers' rights have been restated. Now we will work to spread the effects of this decision from Italy throughout Europe - we want the redresses US consumers have already obtained. It’s time to demand and obtain justice”. #demandjustice #dieselgate