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Hi Tech

Together to improve the digital ecosystem

05 nov 2019

Google and Euroconsumers join forces to improve consumers’ digital empowerment, through joint research, events and campaigns.

A new partnership between the world-leading consumer organization, Euroconsumers and Google aims at mapping contemporary internet behavior in seven key European markets and developing solutions to empower consumers for healthier, safer and more balanced online experiences.

The Internet has the potential to improve our lives — but only if it’s safe to use.  Family safety, data privacy and digital wellbeing are top of mind for users and advocates across Europe and around the world. Understanding that all participants in the digital ecosystem have indispensable roles to play in addressing these important issues, Google and Euroconsumers have joined in a new partnership to investigate and address the key challenges that internet users face.

Working with Ipsos, we are conducting a qualitative survey across seven markets in Europe — Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, France and the UK — on key topics related to existing online trends. These topics include: internet use & habits, digital wellbeing, privacy & data, and keeping families safer online.The results of the survey will be available in early 2020, providing important insights into consumer attitudes and expectations. These insights will enable Google & Euroconsumers to work together to tackle these specific issues in these markets with joint co-branded activities.

As a first glimpse of the scope of this broad work, the partners will promote two short discussions on November 5th and 6th as part of WebSummit in Lisbon, where they will present the objectives of their joint work and collect participants’ insights. “Is there a better place to listen to people’s opinions on digital behavior than WebSummit?”, ask Marco Pierani and Enrico Bellini of Euroconsumers and Google, respectively. Those two sessions will also include expert Aidan Healy, co-founder of UnPlug, who will share his tips for helping better manage digital wellbeing in a connected world.

The following week, on November 12, the Euroconsumers International Forum will be held in Brussels, devoted to the relationship between consumers and digital platforms. At the heart of the agenda there will be a joint session with Google in which the topics from the survey will be presented and discussed in more detail.