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Class action

Altroconsumo and Volkswagen terminate amicably the class action case on fuel consumption data

15 feb 2021

The vehicle model involved is “Golf” 1.6 TDI Blue Motion Technology Euro 5.

The Experts appointed by the Court of Venice (Third Civil Section, docket No. 9973/16) have shown that the fuel consumption and CO2 emission data for the Golf model 1.6 TDI Blue Motion Technology Euro 5 are within the accepted variance limits provided by the European procedure NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), which has been complied with also in respect of the homologation requirements.

Altroconsumo and Volkswagen have consequently agreed to terminate amicably the class action case pending before the Court of Venice, concerning prior communications to the Italian public on the fuel consumption and CO2 emission data for the above-mentioned Golf vehicle[1].

Volkswagen and Altroconsumo note that in the meantime the NEDC procedure has been substituted at the European level – due also to the constant efforts of consumers’ associations – by the new “WLTP” (Worldwide harmonized Light-duty vehicle Test Procedure) testing methods, which since 1st September 2018 set out more stringent standards aimed at simulating the driving characteristics and fuel consumption of vehicles in their actual daily use.  The parties concur that the WLTP technical rules allow all manufacturers to provide public information on the vehicles that is closer to the evolving expectations of consumers.

Altroconsumo and Volkswagen confirm therefore their reciprocal interest in continuing constructive exchanges both to evaluate potential issues concerning the characteristics and performance of Volkswagen vehicles offered for sale to consumers on the Italian market, in particular with respect among others to the sustainability of new models and electric mobility features, and to support actions for consumers and vehicle owners.

For more information on this Volkswagen and Altroconsumo make available these information channels: and

[1] This is a fully separate case from the class action, still ongoing before the Court of Venice, concerning nitrogen-oxides for diesel engines.  The Agreement, therefore, does not settle the class action on such diesel engines.