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Class action

Italian Competition Authority fines Volkswagen for unfair commercial practices

22 ago 2016

Following Altroconsumo test on VW cars - the class action against the German group is still ongoing - the Italian Competition Authority has decided to fine VW for its misleading behavior. 

On August 8th the Italian Competition Authority has declared that Volkswagen AG and Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. have been jointly responsible for unfair commercial practices and has decided to impose a 5 million euros fine (the maximum provided by the law) on them.

According to the Authority, similar practices appear in contradiction to the professional diligence requirements and are likely to materially distort consumers’ economic behavior.
In addition to this, the Authority has focused its attention on the green claims contained in several VW informative catalogues, as well as on those advertisements that underlined producers’ environmental awareness or their particular attention to the cars’ emissions levels, and ultimately has fined VW for its unfair communication.

Altroconsumo underlines the importance of its class action since the legal bases on which the Italian Competition Authority has taken its decision are the same of Altroconsumo’s action. As a result, consumers adhering to the class action would find easier to obtain refunds.